What to Look for in Your Potential E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

global docks e-commerce fulfillment center

How do you ensure you have chosen the right e-commerce fulfillment center for your business?

So, you’ve decided to opt for a fulfillment center. How do you ensure you have chosen the right e-commerce fulfillment center for your business? A lot goes on behind the scenes that play a critical role in transferring your product from the warehouse to the customers. If you collaborate with a reliable 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) fulfillment center to handle these responsibilities, you must know how they work. This article will assist you with what to seek in an e-commerce fulfillment center for your business.

Shipping Speed

E-commerce has opened an international marketplace to the average consumer and store owner. A longer delivery could drive your customers to purchase from competitors, causing you to lose them. To ensure you are getting all the customers, ensure your fulfillment center is reliable. A great example of a top e-commerce fulfillment center with incredible shipping speed is Global Docks.

Global Docks understands that speed and flexibility are necessary for your e-commerce business to thrive in today’s online marketplace. We know that every hour counts in online retail, so our company offers same-day fulfillment services to our e-commerce clients. Your business can thrive knowing that your orders will be processed quickly, correctly, and reliably every time! Contact us for your quote.

Warehouse Location

The location of your e-commerce fulfillment warehouse is crucial to the supply chain. Without properly located warehouses, this can result in significant delays and logistics costs. How quickly your product can reach your customer depends on how far it must travel to arrive there.

Whether you are running an e-commerce shop or importing goods from across the world, Global Docks have provided shipment services – land, ocean, or air – out of our South Florida base. Fortunately, South Florida is one of the most popular shipping hubs in the entire United States. This will ensure your company items arrive and depart on time.

Up-to-Date Software & Visibility

As your 3PL provider, Global Docks understands how vital providing real-time inventory visibility is. This is why we make order fulfillment effortless with our 24/7 real-time inventory visibility e-commerce fulfillment services. 24/7 tracking in truck transportation utilizes technology to monitor and track a truck’s location, status, and cargo around the clock for seven days a week. Consequently, fleet managers and logistics providers can view the movement of their trucks and shipments in real-time.

Do you still have questions regarding any of our e-commerce fulfillment services? Call us anytime at  305-330-9760!

Business Scalability

No one begins companies in the hope of failure. Also, you should be fine with whether your fulfillment distribution center can handle the packing volume or if their software can keep up with your goods going viral. So, the last thing your company brand needs is a bad reputation because your e-commerce fulfillment partner needs to catch up with your growth.

Here’s where it’s worth considering Global Docks. They’re excellent for growing enterprises, and their fulfillment services can scale up according to your business needs. With us behind you, it’s only a matter of time until you are a success!

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