What to Know About Shipper’s Export Declaration in E-Commerce

global docks shipper's export declaration in e-commerce

A shipper’s export declaration (SED) is an official document including the details of exported goods.

In general, e-commerce fulfillment takes a lot of time and energy. What happens between order confirmation and delivery can be challenging in e-commerce. Note that e-commerce fulfillment distribution centers may be required to complete a shipper’s export declaration (SED) form when shipping products internationally. This article explores more about shipper’s export declaration in e-commerce.

Understanding a Shipper’s Export Declaration

A shipper’s export declaration (SED) is an official document including the details of exported goods. It is typically filled out by the exporter and introduced to port authorities during the time of export. In addition, the SED form is included when exporting goods across the border, along with other specifics such as shipping bills. Plus, some countries might have a threshold for when a SED is mandatory.

Advantages of Shipper’s Export Declaration

A shipper’s export declaration in e-commerce avoids errors by specifying all the details of goods meant to be exported. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Minimizes errors: A SED document mentions all the details of all exported goods. So, it works as a record to avoid mistakes in calculations and assists a business in tracking its finances accurately.
  • Simplifies export control: An SED allows pre-export control on freights of sensitive commodities or general freights to unfriendly countries. Furthermore, it will enable the collection of statistical data on exports.

Conditions for a Shipper’s Export Declaration

Here are some of the conditions of a shipper’s export declaration in e-commerce:

  • The shipper’s export declaration is printed for all shipments in exports. If a shipper sends goods to several recipient countries, they must file an SED per shipment.
  • A company or its freight forwarder (only if the power of attorney has been acknowledged) must fill out this form.
  • Also, preparing SED for all shipments that require an export license or for shipments to prohibited countries is mandatory.

Customs Declarations Regarding SEDs

Remembering that the regulations regarding SEDs and custom declarations might differ depending on the countries involved in the transaction is critical. The statement must have a detailed description of the shipped goods, their quantity, and their value. Also, it’s vital to ensure that all required documents are completed adequately and submitted on time.

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