Kitting Services 

Global Docks specializes in kitting and repackaging services, whether you need to ship out gift boxes, promotional packages, or other products. We can do it all whether the job is large or small.

What Are Kitting Services?

If you are unfamiliar with kitting services, they are extremely useful for e-commerce retailers. Some companies don’t even know that they need this service because they don’t know that it exists and what benefits it can provide. Kitting and repackaging services mean combining multiple products or stock-keeping units (SKUs) into one package. You can trust us to repack thousands of orders each day. Moreover, you can depend on Global Docks to deliver these products directly to your customers.

3PL Custom Kitting and Repackaging Services

When you hire a third-party logistics (3PL) company such as Global Docks, you can enjoy a host of custom kitting and repackaging services. We have you covered whether you need unique packing for every order or the same style from month to month. If you have questions, our representatives will answer them in detail.

The Advantages of Kitting and Repackaging

Kitting and repackaging services have many benefits. The following four advantages are the most valuable to your business:

  • Quick Assembly: You can depend on us if you need quick assembly. When you invest in kitting services, the goods are processed in bulk, resulting in an expedited process. When you pick the right 3PL service provider, such as Global Docks, it saves time and money and enhances efficiency.
  • Cut Costs: The most significant benefit of this service is that it saves you money. With kitting services, you can place multiple items for one customer in one box rather than multiple boxes. Thus, you reduce shipping costs, including customs duty (charges on goods levied when they cross international borders).
  • Enhanced Inventory Control: Kitting services lead to enhanced inventory control. It’s easier to oversee kitted inventory versus managing several small packages. This helps you save labor and time.
  • Increased sales: Kits appeal to customers, particularly when you bundle products that make sense or complement each other. Also, consider adding products that aren’t selling so well to kits. Doing so can lead to more sales and increased inventory space.

Other Advantages You Can Gain by Hiring Global Docks

Here are some other advantages you gain by choosing us to handle your shipping logistics:

  • The best e-commerce software solutions: Our software is versatile because it can integrate multiple e-commerce platforms so that you can incorporate custom platforms. All your reports will be in one place so that you can seamlessly run your analytics.
  • The best customer service: Excellent customer service will always be at the forefront of our operations. Our dedicated team is happy to assist you throughout the process, ensuring your packages reach your customers safely.
  • Transparent plans and prices: One of the reasons that we’re one of the most sought-after shipping hubs in the US is because of our 3PL pricing. We only charge you for your services and have customized plans that fit within multiple budgets.
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