FBA: Fulfilled by Amazon Prep

Increase your e-commerce sales and keep logistics costs low with FBA prep services offered by Global Docks.

Fulfilled by Amazon Prep

The fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) process prepares your inventory to ship via Amazon Fulfillment Centers. This definition is straightforward, but the process comes with its challenges. Thus, it helps take a load off your shoulder when you hire a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to help you comply with FBA standards. It’s a specialized process full of nuanced and intricate rules. People who have never experienced the FBA process before often make mistakes.

FBA Prep Defined

FBA is a storage and shipping service that Amazon provides to help business owners sell their products. If interested in FBA, you must adhere to Amazon’s packaging and prep requirements. However, business owners often don’t have the time (or energy) to invest in measuring, repackaging, wrapping, labeling and palletizing to meet Amazon’s standards.

Fortunately, at Global Docks, we have the necessary equipment, technology, and efficient processes to manage any FBA prep for your company. Let us handle your FBA orders, whether small or large, so that you can spend more time ensuring your business grows exponentially.

Basic Amazon FBA Requirements

We don’t want to weigh you down with all the intricacies. But we can share with you some basic Amazon FBA requirements, which include the following rules:

  • Using a unique Fulfillment Network SKU (FNSKU) unique to Amazon, which Amazon uses to track and identify products; the FNSKU can only correspond to one product.
  • All units need a legible and scannable barcode and a legible expiration date, regardless of the packaging material. The expiration date must be in the form of MM-DD-YYYY or MM-YYYY.
  • Amazon warehouses will only take fully-assembled products.
  • All goods have to be in secured individual packaging.
  • Amazon requires labels for products sold as a set (we also offer kitting and repackaging services if you need them).

These requirements are just scratching the surface. Depending on your products, there are more detailed FBA prep requirements that must be followed. Take away this avoidable stress by hiring Global Docks to handle your FBA prep services.

The Benefits of Using an Amazon FBA Prep Service Provider

Amazon is a perfect place for even the smallest businesses to reach a broad audience. However, shipment delays aren’t uncommon because Amazon’s FBA requirements for packages are so rigorous. What’s more, late packages can leave customers feeling dissatisfied. Here is how hiring an Amazon FBA prep service provider can make a difference:

  • Saves time: You must keep track of inventory, quality control, and more. However, small startups rarely have time, but you can save time by hiring a 3PL.
  • Save space and money: Are you running your business from your home? If so, we bet you have a lot of inventory in your garage, basement, or another designated storage area. However, packaging your products based on Amazon’s requirements can take up a lot of space. It can also be expensive to rent a warehouse. Fortunately, we can take inventory storage for you and ship your products directly to Amazon.
  • A streamlined process: When you hire a 3PL, you’ll no longer have to incorporate FBA prep into your workflow, and you can trust our team to make this process streamlined.
  • Enhanced profit margins: Retailers can move more customers through Amazon by outsourcing FBA prep and ship tasks. The quicker your products ship, the better. Worrying about shipping a lot of inventory and abiding by Amazon’s standards could result in lost time and customers.
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