Container Drayage

Freight shipping is a challenging process. Although many people think it only involves a ship or plane to transport products from one country to another, many modes of transportation contribute to freight shipping. Transport cars that go from the road to container drayage are also a part of this process.

Drayage is a standard mode of transportation in the freight shipping process, providing the vital link in the supply chain that makes multimodal shipments successful. Global Docks can make the container drayage process smooth whether you’re importing goods domestically, from all over the world, or you have an e-commerce shop. Here’s more information about our services.

Never Miss a Shipment with Global Dock’s Drayage Services

A drayage is a trucking service that connects intermodal shipping, such as an ocean or air freight. Container drayage services refer to a short-haul trip that moves containers across ports, rail yards, order fulfillment warehouses, or other facilities before or after a long-haul shipping process. This service plays a vital part in long-haul freight shipping because it gets the goods to the cargo and vice versa, making intermodal freight services more efficient and enabling the smooth transfer of products to the consumer.

The Container Drayage Services That Global Docks Offers

Here are the six types of container drayage services that you can benefit from if you hire Global Docks.

  1. Pier drayage: Trucks pick up products from a rail hub, transporting them to a pier or dock where they will be loaded onto a ship.
  2. Intra-carrier drayage refers to a short-haul service used to move goods within the transport hub whenever goods board a plane in another dock or go to the container freight station.
  3. Inter-carrier drayage: Transporting products from rail-to-rail, sea-to-sea, or sea-to-rail. An example is goods being dropped off by ships at the docks and then carried by drayage trucks to their scheduled railroad transport. This service also works in reverse, wherein cargo that has completed its rail transport can be returned to the ocean port, where our team can send it to voyage.
  4. Shuttle drayage: The process of storing excess containers that couldn’t fit in docks or shipping hubs. Docks receive loads daily but don’t always have enough ships to carry the cargo. Shuttle drayage services keep these goods safe in storage until the next ship is ready for departure.
  5. Expedited drayage: Companies who offer two-day shipping use what we call expedited drayage. If you have a time-sensitive shipping need, expedited drayage is faster.
  6. Door-to-Door drayage: This service helps transport products directly from the port to the customer’s doorstep. If you own an e-commerce store, this is the best solution for e-commerce fulfillment.

The Benefits of Investing in a Drayage Company

Trucks have always been a cost-efficient mode of transportation. Container drayage services are relatively cheaper than air freight and container rental costs. Plus, using a third-party logistics (3PL) combined with a high-quality warehouse management system (WMS) can make your supply chain even more efficient while increasing the overall accuracy of your business.

You can also feel safe and secure by partnering with a 3PL specializing in container drayage because you’ll hire experts to care for your goods. Global Docks stays up-to-date on federal safety laws and regulations regarding cargo transport. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about lost or damaged items. Finally, shipments won’t suffer extensive delays because our freight services have an on-site presence at shipping ports. Plus, our cross-docking method ensures that your valuable products won’t waste too much time in storage and will immediately transfer from one mode of transportation to another.

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