Warehouse Services

Every business wants growth. Growth is what allows business owners to invest in more inventory, staff, and expand into new markets. But what happens if your growth outpaces your ability? Scaling can become an issue, especially when you need somewhere to keep inventory and you have outgrown your current accommodations.

Global Docks offers premium warehousing and storage services. Our warehouses carefully receive and pivot loads forward on our customers’ behalf. We offer a full range of first class storage and warehousing services.

We take care of each of our clients’ products as if they were our own. Do not worry about the loading, packing, sorting, wrapping, stacking, distribution, or delivery. That is what we are here for. All you need to worry about is the continued growth of your business. We will take ownership and care of the logistics end of your shipments.

Our warehouses are also fully set up to work directly with clients selling on ecommerce platforms. Our proprietary, state-of-the-art WMS (Warehouse Management System), integrates with over fifty popular shopping cart services to automatically tell our warehouse workers when an item is sold. The inventory is managed seamlessly online and available for you to see at any point. The data points are continuously being updated in real time.

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