Unparalleled Support

At Global Docks, our mission is to help you succeed. One way we can do this is by providing unparalleled support to you no matter what. Our incredible support services help you:

  • Focus on your growth
  • Deliver satisfaction to your customers
  • Provide simple, seamless fulfillment and earn 5-star reviews

Global Docks offers a variety of guarantees for receiving, accuracy, processing, and more. When you choose us as your e-commerce fulfillment partner, you can trust that you are in safe, dedicated hands.

Accurate Pick, Pack, and Ship Services

Your customers expect to receive what they order. We know this is critical for your company’s success, so we ensure nearly 100% order accuracy.

100% Inventory Accuracy

A crucial part of helping your customers receive what they want when they want it is to ensure that the product they chose is ready to pick once ordered. Our live inventory service helps our warehouse staff and business owners see an accurate account of their inventory at any moment. Maintaining inventory accuracy prevents order cancellations, product loss, and fulfillment delays.

Fast Inbound Receiving

In order to have items to sell, they must be received into our system quickly and accurately upon arrival at our fulfillment center. We prioritize accurate inventory receiving and updating so that every item count is updated as soon as possible. This helps you sell items faster and restock quickly when items are in high demand.

Same-Day Order Fulfillment

As the online marketplace grows more competitive every day, you must take measures to meet your customers’ high expectations. Customers expect items to ship as soon as possible, and when you use Global Docks, you can count on same-day order fulfillment. Swift delivery will impress your customers and earn you more brand loyalty.

Attention to Detail is Essential for Unparalleled Support

Paying attention to the details of every part of e-commerce fulfillment is what makes Global Docks support so unparalleled. This attention to detail makes a critical difference in your ability to serve customers and improve your bottom line. What do we do to prepare an efficient fulfillment experience for our partners?

  • We create a professional and clean warehouse environment with employees who have passed background checks
  • Metal detectors are employed at all entrances
  • User-specific, permission-based logins are utilized
  • Incorporate individualized access control systems
  • Our warehouses have 24/7 security that monitors the inside and outside of the facility
  • We keep a secured server room with multiple backup power sources
  • Our facilities have a backup generator for full-facility power
  • Our staff is trained in the correct packaging methods and equipment to use for each item to ensure maximum protection
Our clients never have to fear hidden fees. Our commitment to honesty and clear communication helps us support our clients and anticipate their needs. Call Global Docks today at 305-330-9760 to receive your quote!