Understanding the Types of Order Fulfillment

global docks types of order fulfillment

One of the cost-effective types of order fulfillment for your company is in-house fulfillment.

Whether you are an experienced retailer or a startup company, you must fulfill orders accurately. This is because order fulfillment significantly impacts customers’ experiences. Read on to discover more about the types of order fulfillment for your business.

Want a Low-Cost Option? Try In-House Fulfillment

One of the cost-effective types of order fulfillment for your company is in-house fulfillment. This is when you complete everything in-house; you run every process, whether inventory management or product delivery.

Although this method provides you complete control over every detail, this mishap occurrence increases. Therefore, you receive less chance and time to grow your business. Overall, this method is cost-efficient for companies starting out and established businesses with complete control over every operation.

Outsource Your Services to a 3PL Fulfillment Company

In third-party order fulfillment, a 3PL company manages your inventory, product packaging, and shipping products to your customers. However, there are different plans a 3PL provides, and you can choose the services you need according to your business requirements.

Remember, when you outsource your fulfillment tasks, you outsource your worries about timely delivery and quality service to the fulfillment center. Fortunately, Global Docks is here to help you expand your business to the next level. Get a quote with us today to know more details.

No Inventory Management with Dropshipping

Similar to a third-party fulfillment, you can outsource your order fulfillment process via dropshipping. With dropshipping, you order the products from the manufacturers or suppliers when an order arrives. In addition, the supplier manages your orders and ships them to your customers. The sellers are only charged for the goods they sell.

Unlike a third-party fulfillment center, the supplier or manufacturer owns the products. Overall, dropshipping is a preferable choice for numerous eCommerce and startup retailers.

Increase Flexibility with Hybrid Fulfillment

Lastly, hybrid fulfillment is ideal for companies requiring more flexibility or undergoing quick expansion. In this method, an ecommerce business uses a mix of the different types of order fulfillment options. For instance, a business might process the highest-selling goods in-house while dropshipping or outsourcing fewer selling products. Or, a company can handle assembly or packaging while outsourcing inventory to a fulfillment center and shipment to other carriers.

Ultimately, inventory accuracy is crucial for the health of warehousing operations. With over two decades of experience in the distribution market, Global Docks has a WMS that gives customers complete control of their goods while organizing order processing for ecommerce and wholesale orders.

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