24/7 Tracking

24/7 tracking in truck transportation uses technology to monitor and track a truck’s location, status, and cargo around the clock, seven days a week. This tracking is achieved via a combination of GPS technology and cellular networks, enabling fleet managers and logistics providers to view the movement of their trucks and shipments in real time. Global Docks comprehends the speed and flexibility required for your e-commerce business to succeed.

GPS Truck Tracking

With global supply lines and shipping times significantly impacted by the consequences of Covid-19, having third-party logistics and a worldwide importer you can rely on is crucial. Global Docks is the only choice for importers when selecting a logistics manager. Our dedicated team of professionals will seamlessly manage the e-commerce fulfillment aspect.

Regarding 24/7 tracking, GPS devices are installed in trucks to track their movements and transmit data to a central monitoring system – accessible to logistics providers, fleet managers, and other stakeholders. The information can include the truck’s speed, location, direction, and other primary data like fuel consumption. Fortunately, Global Docks e-commerce fulfillment is here to simplify your life.

Benefits to the Trucking Industry

24/7 tracking provides numerous benefits to e-commerce fulfillment centers:

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

E-commerce fulfillment centers can provide customers with accurate ETA and delivery time with real-time tracking. Global Docks have abundant experience working with significant online retailers like Amazon and can quickly handle returns. Our team will update your inventory once the items are returned to us. In addition, we are an authorized carrier with Amazon Warehouse, allowing us to drop all your orders as part of the Fulfillment by Amazon logistics network.

We can utilize our robust high-volume shipping accounts to your advantage to get you better FedEx, UPS, and USPS postage rates. Ultimately, you will have consistent live access to monitor and track all your inventory as they are processed in real-time.

Improved Security

Security is essential for 24/7 truck tracking in e-commerce because it involves transporting valuable goods and tracking sensitive information. E-commerce companies must take security measures to prevent theft during goods transportation. Tracking trucks consists of storing sensitive data and must be protected from unauthorized access to avoid data breaches.

Real-time tracking can also assist e-commerce companies in identifying any safety concerns like route changes and driver behavior, enabling them to take necessary precautions. There are also multiple regulations and laws that e-commerce companies must comply with regarding the transportation of goods.

Improved Efficiency

The tracking data can identify possible problems or delays, enabling proactive problem-solving and better customer service. Real-time tracking also provides companies with accurate and recent information about their trucks’ locations and road traffic conditions. Consequently, companies will optimize their routing and reduce travel time, resulting in faster, more efficient deliveries.

24/7 real-time tracking enables e-commerce companies to provide their customers with accurate and recent information about the status of their product deliveries. This can improve customer satisfaction, minimizing missed deliveries and providing transparency in the delivery process.

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