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Global Docks has the infrastructure to make sure your items are well taken care of regardless of your mode of transportation. Our team of logistics professionals can help you choose between land, ocean, or air shipment, navigating the pros and cons of each option. We will work to find you the most reasonable rate and fastest delivery times possible.

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Shipment Exports

Let’s face it: Exporting goods has become a bit of a nightmare in the last few years. You hear horror stories of goods sitting in docks for weeks or months without an end in sight. No company should have to deal with logistics issues of that magnitude. Global Docks works tirelessly with our exporters to ensure your goods are not stuck on a boat or train somewhere without a way to get to its destination.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce has opened a global marketplace to the average consumer and store owner. But with an exponential increase in possible sales comes an exponential increase in logistics, freight charges, warehouse needs, and organization. Whether you sell on Amazon, have your own Etsy or eBay store, use Shopify regularly or have anything in-between, Global Docks understands the flexibility and speed that is needed for your e-commerce business to thrive.

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Warehouse & Storage

Every business wants growth. Growth is what allows business owners to invest in more inventory, staff, and expand into new markets. But what happens if your growth outpaces your ability? Scaling can become an issue, especially when you need somewhere to keep inventory and you have outgrown your current accommodation.