U.S. Customs Clearance

With shipping times and global supply lines significantly impacted by the after-effects of Covid-19, having a worldwide importer and third-party logistics you can trust is imperative. Global Docks has the infrastructure to ensure your imports are well taken care of despite your entry mode – land, ocean, or air. Our dedicated freight and customs brokers team will work with you to determine the best rates and turnaround times for your shipments.

U.S. Customs Clearance Services from E-commerce Fulfillment Warehouses

An e-commerce fulfillment warehouse can provide your business with the U.S. Customs Clearance services you require to simplify the import and export of goods into and out of the United States. Overall, these services can assist e-commerce companies in organizing their logistics and supply chain management. They include the following:

Prepare Necessary Import/Export Documentation

A fulfillment warehouse can assist e-commerce companies in preparing the necessary documents requested by U.S. customs for importing and exporting goods. They include commercial invoices, bills of lading, and other custom-related documents. Moreover, exporting goods has become challenging in the last few years. You hear stories of products sitting on ships or ports for months without an end. No company should have to experience logistics issues of that magnitude. Global Docks works tirelessly with our exporters to ensure your products can get them to their final destination.

Custom Clearance Process

Clearing customs and paying taxes can be challenging when you don’t have assistance. Additional stress can come with hidden charges, documentation requirements, and the amount of time you need to spend away from your business. Fortunately, Global Docks can take care of this for you. Fulfillment warehouses can handle the customs clearance process for e-commerce businesses. This process involves required documentation submission to U.S. Customs, paying applicable taxes and duties, and obtaining clearance for the goods entering or leaving the United States. At times, import taxes are placed on products that are considered below market value, as a way of helping to stabilize the market value. Also, competition is fierce. So, imposing taxes on certain goods will discourage customers from importing them. Overall, selling products in international markets is an excellent way to grow an e-commerce business. However, customers pay additional taxes in other countries, so it’s best to notify customers about any taxes and keep the pricing transparent.

Compliance with U.S. Customs Guidelines

Fulfillment warehouses can assist e-commerce organizations in staying compliant with U.S. Customs regulations and requirements.

Custom Brokerage Services

Your fulfillment warehouse can collaborate with a licensed customs broker to manage customs clearance for e-commerce businesses. This creates a much more accurate and efficient clearance process.

Transportation Services

Fulfillment warehouses may also provide transportation management services to help e-commerce companies transfer goods to and from their facilities. For example, arranging for trucking and freight forwarding. At Global Docks, our team handles shipping and receiving for our clients, freight forwarding, and shipment handling from point A to point B. Additionally, our fleet of trucks can take your packages from the docks to their destination.

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