Product Reworks 

Do you sell on Amazon or manage your own Etsy or eBay shop? Or do you use Shopify for your online store? Global Docks, a highly reliable 3PL, understands the flexibility and speed necessary for your e-commerce business to succeed. The primary goal of product rework is to ensure that the consumer receives the correct product that satisfies their expectations. That’s why we developed our e-commerce fulfillment service, a simple process in which you send your goods for sale to the Global Docks warehouse. Then, those goods are input into our warehouse management system (WMS). In addition, our WMS connects with an application programming interface (API) to your e-commerce store so that any time a user checks out, their cart is sent to us to ship. We can efficiently process your orders by combining our API with your shopping cart. You will have constant live access to track your inventory and charges as they process in real-time.

Product Rework in E-commerce Fulfillment Warehouses

Product rework is when a product needs to be modified or altered to satisfy the consumer’s requirements. This happens for several reasons, such as a product that must be customized before shipping or a customer returning an item that needs repackaging. This process also involves multiple steps.

  • First, the product is identified as needing rework, and its current condition is examined to determine the necessary changes.
  • The item is modified or disassembled, like repackaging or labeling.
  • The product is repackaged or reassembled in a new box or container to ensure safe transportation.
  • The item is examined to ensure the rework has been done correctly and meets the consumer’s requirements.

By reworking products, Global Docks can ensure that your e-commerce business meets your customer’s demands while reducing the costs of replacing or disposing of damaged or incorrect products.

Importance of Labeling

Labeling is a crucial aspect of product rework in Global Docks. We help identify products accurately and efficiently, ensuring they are processed correctly.

  • Removing labeling: The labeling shouldn’t be removed if the product is returned by a customer and is still in its original packaging. This is because the labeling contains data like the SKU, barcode, and product name necessary for processing and inventory tracking.
  • Applying labeling: The correct labeling must be applied as part of the rework process if the product is being reworked because of a labeling error or missing label. This ensures that the item is correctly identified and processed in the future.

Purpose of Repack in Product Rework

Repack is a prevalent practice that enables businesses to maintain inventory accuracy and reduce waste. It refers to repackaging an item that’s been returned or needs some modification before it can be placed into inventory or shipped to a customer. By doing so, companies can minimize the likelihood of potential returns or complaints.

Quality Control (QC)

Quality control (QC) is critical to the order fulfillment process because it ensures that clients receive high-quality products that meet their expectations. By carefully inspecting and testing items before they are shipped, your e-commerce fulfillment center can reduce potential returns or complaints and maintain excellent customer satisfaction. At Global Docks, we care for our customers’ products as if they were our own. So, don’t worry about loading, packing, sorting, wrapping, distribution, or delivery because that is what we are here for. All you need to focus on is your business growth; our team will care for the logistics end of your shipments.

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