How Do You Know When to Change Your E-Commerce Distribution Center?

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An e-commerce distribution center is your partner in your business growth.

An e-commerce distribution center is your partner in your business growth. Any mishap on their part can hinder your brand image and trigger your unrecoverable losses. Therefore, choosing the right fulfillment partner is critical if you aim to excel in your industry. Check out these signs you should change your fulfillment partner.

Mis-Choosing Can Lead to Disaster

Have you ever received the wrong product? It must have been annoying, right? Well, customers don’t understand how many orders an e-commerce distribution center has to process. What they care about is if they are getting what they have ordered. So, your fulfillment partner must be accurate in their order-fulfillment procedure.

Your 3PL must grow your company; if it’s not happening, you shouldn’t invest your money and time. Additionally, there may be reasons for slow or no growth, so check with your fulfillment partner about what is going on.

Communication is Critical

Communication is primary when running a successful business. It’s time to rethink your 3PL decisions if your e-commerce distribution center lacks communication skills. In addition, there is no necessity to communicate daily, but a weekly, biweekly, or monthly report is critical for you to understand if everything is fine with your inventory.

With two decades of experience in the distribution market sector, Global Docks has an integrated WMS that provides clients with complete visibility and control of their goods.

Manage Everything with Technology

Advanced technology is essential for fulfillment. Without it, order and inventory management, tracking, and software integration are impossible to maintain accurately. Also, a 3PL should process your order effectively and provide a user-friendly technology experience. Otherwise, it’s time to say goodbye if your e-commerce distribution center is not fulfilling your business needs or has poor tech integration. Fortunately, Global Docks work with the newest software capabilities to deliver accurate inventory to their customers.

Avoid High Rates

Cost-effective 3PL services sound good, but are you receiving them with your current fulfillment partner? Are they increasing their cost without you adding volume to your inventory? Always investigate what is happening if there is a price increase. It shouldn’t be high enough to modify your entire budget. Remember it’s okay to bombard your e-commerce distribution center with your questions; otherwise, close the partnership if they don’t take it willingly.

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