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Welcome! We are Global Docks, and our shipping and logistics experts have provided services out of our South Florida base for over 25 years. South Florida is one of the busiest shipping hubs in the United States, so we require the most experienced logistics managers to ensure goods arrive and depart on time. Global Docks also offers various shipment methods – land, ocean, or air- that are necessary to succeed.

About Us

E-commerce has opened an international marketplace to the average consumer and store owner. But with a significant increase in potential sales comes an exponential growth in warehouse needs, freight charges, logistics, and organization. This is where Global Docks come in.

With two decades of experience in the distribution market sector, this 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider offers our clients complete control of their items with an integrated WMS. When an order is placed from your eCommerce channels, our expert team will begin to prep, package, and ship directly to your customers. Overall, we aim to solve your company’s logistical needs so you can focus on operating your business with peace of mind.

Premier 3PL Order Fulfillment Services

If you create or sell any good or commodity, you most likely have been affected by the previous two years’ supply chain and shipping shortages. Products have sat in most warehouses, docks, and boats and have yet to arrive at their destination. Whether you are running an e-commerce shop, importing products globally, or exporting overseas, Global Docks is the answer you have been seeking for. Visit our website for more details on our 3PL order fulfillment services:

  • Import Services
  • Export Services
  • Warehouse Services
  • Truck Transport

Do you need a reliable warehouse or storage solution? Global Docks can also help there, too. We collaborate with companies to provide the best in warehousing and storage with our custom technological aides. As a result, our customers will be able to monitor their goods at any time.

Same Day eCommerce Fulfillment Services

We understand that every hour counts in online retail. This is why our business offers guaranteed same-day fulfillment services to our valued e-commerce customers for efficient and reliable order fulfillment. From beauty products e-commerce fulfillment to food and beverage e-commerce fulfillment, the experienced team at Global Docks will pick and pack all orders quickly and accurately to ensure every product is assembled and shipped promptly. Contact us for your quote!

Contact Global Docks for Your eCommerce Fulfillment Needs!

Seeking a fulfillment solution? Global Docks understands the speed and flexibility required for your e-commerce business to compete and thrive in today’s online marketplace. To learn more about our import, export, warehouse, or truck transport services, call our company at 305-200-5954 or fill out this contact form to receive a quote. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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