TSA Approved Facility (indirect air carrier)

Having a TSA-approved facility can benefit businesses that ship products by air. It can also help streamline the shipping process, minimize delays and reduce the risk of cargo being held or rejected by airlines due to security concerns. For over 20 years, the shipping and logistics experts of Global Docks have provided services out of our South Florida base. Whether you run an e-commerce shop or import goods from across the world, we provide the kind of comprehensive shipment reception from the land, air, or ocean that is necessary to thrive.

TSA Approval for E-commerce Facilities

A TSA-approved facility in an e-commerce fulfillment center is a secure area for handling and processing air cargo shipments. This approval by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ensures that the facility has complied with specific security standards and can safely handle air cargo that might be transported on passenger planes. At Global Docks, we help importers and exporters search for space and fill containers to go on ships, choose between air or land freight, and find the best prices for any of the services mentioned. Working with a logistics company you can trust ensures your company runs smoothly. We have the infrastructure to manage your imports despite your entry mode. In addition, our team of freight and customs brokers is always prepared to help you find the best rates and quick turnaround times for your shipments.

Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) in E-commerce Settings

An indirect air carrier is a business that’s not an air carrier but participates in air cargo transportation by collaborating with air carriers. An IAC may operate a fulfillment center or warehouse that prepares air cargo shipments for transportation from air carriers. To obtain TSA approval for a facility in an air carrier e-commerce setting, the organization must pass through a security screening process consisting of inspections, background checks, and audits. Overall, this would benefit businesses that depend on air cargo shipments to deliver their goods to customers. It can also ensure that the company complies with TSA regulations and avoids possible penalties or fines. We have extensive experience collaborating with numerous vendors to deliver goods simultaneously to help fill containers.

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