High Value Items (Jewelry, Art, Cellphones)

Shipping high-value items as an e-commerce company requires extra care and attention to ensure the safe delivery of the goods. High-value items are typically expensive products such as jewelry, art, and cell phones, which are costly, one-of-a-kind, or sentimental. Because of the high value of these goods, e-commerce fulfillment centers take extra precautions to ensure their safe handling during the fulfillment process. Global Docks offers premium warehousing and storage services and manages each client’s products as if they were our own.

Best Practices for Shipping High-Value Items

Here are some of the best methods for shipping high-value items:

  • Select a reputable carrier that has immense experience in handling high-value items. Fortunately, Global Docks provides the kind of comprehensive shipment reception from the land, air, or ocean necessary to succeed in transporting high-value products.
  • Utilize a shipping method that provides tracking and insurance to help you keep tabs on the shipment and offer protection in case of damage or loss.
  • Use robust and secure packaging to safeguard the product during shipping.
  • Clearly label the package as containing high-value items and as fragile, or handle it with care. This will ensure the package is handled safely during shipping.
  • Require a signature upon delivery to ensure the intended recipient receives the package.
  • Communicate with the customer about the shipping process, including the tracking information, estimated delivery date, and the carrier used.

By following these methods, e-commerce companies can help ensure the customer receives their purchase in excellent condition.

High-Value Items Are Secured in E-commerce Fulfillment Centers

Jewelry is a high-value item that requires special handling and security measures in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses. In addition, high-value art items are sensitive to temperature, humidity, and light changes. This means that storing them in a climate-controlled environment is critical to maintaining their condition. Cellphones are also high-value items that need special handling and security measures in e-commerce fulfillment warehouses.

  • Jewelry and cell phones must be stored in secure locations within the fulfillment warehouse. This might include locked cabinets with restricted access or safes.
  • Each high-value item must be clearly labeled and tracked through the inventory management system to allow real-time monitoring of the product’s location. Our proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management System) combines with over 50 popular shopping cart services to instantly notify our warehouse workers when a product is sold.
  • Employees who manage high-value items should complete background checks to ensure they have no criminal history, including theft.
  • High-value art products should be packaged in custom-made packaging to protect against damage, like padding, during shipping.
  • Shipping insurance is crucial for all high-value items during shipping to protect against loss or damage.
  • Security cameras must be installed throughout the fulfillment warehouse to monitor any activity and deter theft.

E-commerce fulfillment centers must carefully manage high-value items to maintain customer trust and successfully deliver these valuable goods. Global Docks can assist you!

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