Freight Forwarding (Domestic & International)

If you develop or sell any product or commodity, having a logistics company you can rely on is crucial to ensuring your e-commerce business runs smoothly. Whether exporting overseas or importing goods globally, Global Docks is your go-to for import and receiving services, shipment exports, e-commerce fulfillment, warehousing, and storage solutions for significant and small companies. In particular, freight forwarding is a critical aspect of e-commerce fulfillment centers as it efficiently moves goods from one location to another.

Freight Forwarding in Florida

Global Docks is a Miami-based full spectrum 3PL provider that offers the kind of comprehensive shipment reception from the land, air, or ocean necessary to succeed. We help importers and exporters find containers and space to go on ships, determine between land freight and air freight, and find the best prices for the above services. In addition, we take care of shipping and receiving for our customers, freight forwarding as necessary, and shipment handling from point A to point B. When you are ready to export and your products arrive at our logistics center, our local trucks can pick up your local purchases and add them to future shipments. We are a one-stop shop for exporters! Our customs brokers are ready to ensure all your customs declarations are made and shipping paperwork is filled out correctly.

Domestic Freight Forwarding Services

Domestic freight forwarding is an integral part of e-commerce fulfillment centers because it enables the movement of goods within the same country. This may include the movement of products between different fulfillment warehouses or centers or between the fulfillment center and the consumer. Global Docks has the infrastructure to ensure your imports are well managed despite your entry mode. Our team of logistics professionals can assist you in determining between land, air, or ocean transport and navigate each option’s disadvantages and advantages. Additionally, our devoted team of freight and customs brokers will collaborate with you to find the best rates and turnaround times for your shipments.

International Freight Forwarding Services

The international freight forwarding process involves managing and coordinating goods transportation between various countries. First, a fulfillment warehouse will work with the supplier to ensure all required documentation—export/import licenses and permits—are in order. They will also ensure the goods are adequately labeled and packaged for transport. Lastly, the fulfillment center might need to handle paying duties and taxes linked with the shipment. Fortunately, Global Docks have extensive experience collaborating with numerous vendors to deliver goods simultaneously to help fill containers. Our experienced logistics and exporting experts will join you from the beginning of your shipment process until the products arrive at their destination to save time, space, and money. As always, our committed freight brokers continuously look for better rates for our clients and quicker shipping options.

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