Export Services

Let’s face it: Exporting goods has become a bit of a nightmare in the last few years.

You hear horror stories of goods sitting on ships or ports for weeks or months without an end in sight.

No company should have to deal with logistics issues of that magnitude. Global Docks works tirelessly with our exporters to ensure your goods are not stuck without a way to get them to their final destination.

Global Docks offers consolidation services for all of our export customers making sure your export shipments are maximized.

We have extensive experience working with different vendors to deliver goods simultaneously to help fill containers.

Our experienced logistics and exporting experts will work with you from the beginning of your shipment process until the goods arrive at their destination, consolidating shipments to save space, time, and money. Our dedicated freight brokers are always on the lookout for better rates for our customers and faster shipping options.

When you are ready to Export and your goods arrive at our logistics center, our fleet of local trucks can pick up your local purchases and include them in future shipments. We are a one-stop-shop for exporters. We have customs brokers on staff ready to help make sure all your customs declarations are made and all your shipping documents are filled out correctly.

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