Subscription box fulfillment

Customers enjoy shopping online because of its convenience. The rise of subscription boxes has appealed to that love of convenience by delivering items to customers on a regular basis. Subscription boxes are available for various industries – including food, entertainment, pet products, and hair and beauty products – and can strongly appeal to your customers. However, customers will only enjoy your subscription box service if they can count on receiving packages in excellent condition delivered on time, every time. Subscription box fulfillment services from Global Docks can provide you with the consistency and quality your customers expect.

What to Consider Before Starting Subscription Box Fulfillments

Before launching a subscription box service with your e-commerce fulfillment provider, consider these factors:

  • Will you be changing products monthly? If so, that will require you to add time to ensure your fulfillment center receives the necessary products.
  • How much kitting and assembly are required for each box?

An ideal subscription box to be fulfilled by your e-commerce warehouse is subscriptions that are the same every month or in which every customer receives primarily the same new batch of items each month. This utilizes the strengths of a great subscription box fulfillment company:

  • Timely shipping
  • The ability to use branded boxes
  • The option to bundle the product with an additional item, such as a branded insert

Your Subscription Box Fulfillment Process

How does Global Docks ensure your subscription box fulfillment goes smoothly every time?

  • The inventory is received: Make sure you provide your fulfillment center with ample time to receive the products you intend to place in the boxes.
  • Order details are shared with the fulfillment center
  • Products are picked and packed: Once all items in a subscription box are picked, they are packed for shipping in a standard, plain box or your chosen custom packaging
  • The unboxing experience is created: Subscription boxes are often expected to have unique unboxing experiences, either through unique packing paper or a branded insert. These can be added before packages are closed and labeled.
  • The subscription is shipped: Once the packages are shipped, you and your customers receive tracking information to follow the shipment’s journey.

Automated Fulfillment and Inventory Management From Global Docks

When using a third-party fulfillment service, it’s always best to work with a company that provides you with inventory management technology. Our real-time inventory tracking ensures that you can monitor your products.

After you send your goods to our Global Docks warehouse, they are entered into our proprietary warehouse management system (WMS).

Our WMS is linked with an application programming interface (API) to your online store. This helps us receive all orders as soon as they are placed. During this process, you have consistent live access to track your inventory in real-time.

We also use our high-volume shipping accounts to your advantage to get you the best FedEx, USPS, and UPS postage rates.

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