Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel fulfillment services refer to our ability to fulfill store orders using multiple channels. For instance, orders from your online store, mobile app, or brick-and-mortar location can all be received by our fulfillment center and processed efficiently. Omnichannel fulfillment enables you to automate, simplify, and speed up all fulfillment processes to increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom lines.

Fulfill All Orders From a Single Inventory Pool

When you use a Global Docks warehouse fulfillment center, our omnichannel fulfillment capabilities allow us to fulfill all customer orders from your single inventory pool. What does this mean for you? Your customers can place an order from your online store on their own. Some store owners can also place online orders for their customers in-store. No matter how the order is received, our warehouse can easily fulfill it.

The omnichannel fulfillment approach provides customers with greater flexibility and convenience while streamlining operations for the e-commerce warehouse. Businesses do not need to set up separate order fulfillment infrastructures for each sales channel but can trust Global Docks to receive all orders and respond efficiently.

Big Benefits From Omnichannel Fulfillment

When consumers have more options for how they buy, businesses are likely to attract and retain customers through new channels and platforms. If you want to stay competitive in your market, implementing omnichannel fulfillment is essential. This service offers several significant benefits:

  • Higher order efficiency and accuracy: Fulfillment is easier as it streamlines multiple channels into a one process.
  • Happier customers: You can provide customers with access to your inventory across all channels, real-time tracking options, and quick order fulfillment. This creates a streamlined shopping experience that increases customer satisfaction, which translates into customer loyalty and more sales.
  • More accurate reporting: When using a 3PL warehouse, you can trust us to oversee your channels. This means you get access to instant reporting that highlights your most important channels and can identify which needs improvement.
  • Stronger Brand Image: You can build your brand image by creating a consistent experience across all channels. Working with one fulfillment provider will help you provide some of that consistency.

Utilize Flexible Fulfillment Options

Omnichannel order fulfillment avoids the linear fulfillment process (warehouse-store-end customer) in favor of more flexible workflows. Businesses can process and deliver orders via a combination of numerous channels, including:

  • Custom-to-store
  • Store-to-customer
  • Warehouse-to-store
  • Customer-to-warehouse
  • Warehouse-to-alternative pick-up location
  • Warehouse-to-customer
  • Store-to-store

Efficient Order Fulfillment from Global Docks

How does Global Docks ensure a swift fulfillment process from all sales channels? After you send your goods to our Global Docks warehouse, they are entered into our proprietary warehouse management system (WMS).

Our WMS is linked with an application programming interface (API) to your online store. We receive all online orders this way. By integrating with your shopping cart, we can fulfill orders as soon as possible. During this process, you have consistent live access to track your inventory in real-time.

We also use our high-volume shipping accounts to your advantage to get you the best rates on FedEx, USPS, and UPS postage.

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