Customer Web Portal with Live Inventory

The Global Docks Customer Web Portal is a secure online platform that allows our customers to access information about their inventory and shipments. By logging into this portal, you can view your inventory levels in real-time, track shipments, and place orders. This not only provides transparency and visibility in the logistics process but saves you precious time while reducing the need for extra phone calls and emails.

The live inventory feature is especially useful for customers who need to manage their inventory levels efficiently. You can use this portal to see how much inventory you have on hand, which items are received, and when they are due to ship. You can plan your operations more effectively and ensure you have the stock to meet customer demand. 

Global Docks customers can use the Customer Web Portal to:

  • Manage orders
  • Generate reports on inventory levels, shipping history, and additional logistics data
  • Access analytics and insights to help you identify areas for improvement and ways to optimize your operations
  • Communicate with Global Docks

Use our Web Portal today to enjoy greater visibility and control over logistics, streamline your operations, and improve customer satisfaction.