Books and Magazines E-Commerce Fulfillment

Global Docks has extensive experience providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective fulfillment services to publishers, authors, and e-commerce businesses that deal with books and magazines. As an e-commerce seller or publisher, you understand the importance of timely delivery and excellent customer service. That’s where Global Docks comes in. Our team of experts ensures that your books and magazines are delivered to your customers on time, every time.

Order Processing and Management

Our warehouse uses the best technology to receive all book and magazine orders from your store as soon as possible. After you send your goods to our Global Docks warehouse, they are entered into our proprietary warehouse management system (WMS).

Our WMS is linked with an application programming interface (API) to your online store. When someone checks out on your site, their cart is sent to us to ship. Integrating with your shopping cart allows us to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. You always have consistent live access to track your inventory in real time.

Warehousing and Inventory Services

Book and magazine retailers need secure and organized warehouse facilities to store their products. Our storage areas will protect your books and magazines from damage due to humidity or temperature changes. We also offer real-time inventory visibility for sellers and warehouse staff so that you can view instant updates on your product inventory.

Pick and Pack Books and Magazines

Once an order is received and payment verified, the next step is to pick and pack the items at the fulfillment center. During this process, we use our inventory technology to locate the items in the warehouse quickly, pick them, and package them for shipment. Our warehouse staff is trained in packaging best practices, so your books and magazines can be prepared for shipment without risk of damage during their journey.

We can offer packaging and branding services to help you create a unique customer experience. Custom boxes, inserts, or packing slips can be added to strengthen your branding with each shipment.

Cost-Effective Shipping and Delivery

Books and magazines e-commerce fulfillment requires reliable shipping and delivery services to ensure that orders reach customers promptly and safely. This is especially true for magazines, which are often sent weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Customers expect to receive the latest issue shortly after it is published. Our high-volume shipping accounts help you get the best FedEx, USPS, and UPS postage rates for your products, regardless of which shipping speeds your customers select.

Return Processing

There may be instances in which customers need to return one of their books. When this happens, your 3PL must be able to provide services such as the inspection of returned products, refund processing, and restocking of returned products. When the return process is straightforward and painless, your customers will be delighted and eager to purchase from your store again.

At Global Docks, we can help you provide your customers with the excellent services they expect.

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