Benefits of Same Day E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

global docks same day e-commerce fulfillment services

Let’s explore the benefits of same day e-commerce fulfillment services and why you, as a seller, must opt for it!

Consumers are becoming more demanding and desire instant purchases, faster returns, and more. So, it has led shipping carriers, third-party logistics, and individual sellers to expand their fulfillment services and improve their service levels in every way. Let’s explore the benefits of same day e-commerce fulfillment services and why you, as a seller, must opt for it!

Minimize Cart Abandonment Rate

When a customer is at the check-out stage, several shipping options are available; fast, costly services. In addition, including faster and cost-effective delivery services will assist you in minimizing the cart abandonment rate and increase your sales. Fortunately, you may partner with Global Docks to serve your customers with same day e-commerce fulfillment services in Florida.

All orders we get are shipped within one business day after receipt. If we receive an expedited order by 1 PM EST on a business day, we can send it that day. Our 3PL company will ensure that all orders are shipped on time and delivered as soon as possible.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Customers who receive faster delivery from you will most likely purchase from your e-commerce store again. In contrast, shoppers rarely prefer to shop from a company with a previous negative delivery experience. Furthermore, negative reviews due to slow transit may hamper your business brand image and make your customers disappear.

Moreover, you show your customers that you appreciate their time and business when you use our same day e-commerce fulfillment services. Call Global Docks at 305-200-5954 or more information!

Satisfy Customer’s Expectations and Gain New Customers

With consumer demands increasing, all e-commerce companies have begun next-day delivery and free shipping services. Not including expedited freight in your e-commerce business today will hurt your conversion rates and delay your long-term growth.

At Global Docks, we aim to help you succeed. Our amazing support services can help you focus on your growth, satisfy your customers, and provide smooth fulfillment services.

Cost of Fast Shipping

Shipping costs depend on the businesses and shipping carriers. However, the charges are slightly higher due to expedited freight’s urgency and restricted timeframe.

Despite the package size, expedited shipping is more expensive than other standard shipping methods. However, you can save on expenses linked with focusing on your warehouse, staff, and shipping supplies when you outsource your fulfillment to Global Docks. Contact us today for your quote!

Contact Global Docks for Your eCommerce Fulfillment Needs!

Seeking a fulfillment solution? Global Docks understands the speed and flexibility required for your e-commerce business to compete and thrive in today’s online marketplace. To learn more about our import, export, warehouse, or truck transport services, call our company at 305-200-5954 or fill out this contact form to receive a quote. Make sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Pinterest!

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