A Guide for Planning Your E-Commerce International Expansion

global docks e-commerce international expansion

Your e-commerce international expansion will elevate your business to the next level when done right.

Every successful business was once an idea, and a statement must be executed strategically. However, international e-commerce selling has its own set of challenges. Nevertheless,  your e-commerce international expansion will elevate your business to the next level when done right. Keep reading to learn how.

Research and Know Your Target Market

Remember to complete your homework before stepping into the international market. Most often, selling your products in every country may not always be ideal. Consider the following limitations:

  • Your product’s demand in that particular country – Before entering the market for a specific country, attempt to analyze if that market has demand for your goods.
  • Language barrier – Depending on the country, ensure to curate your marketing content in their main language. You should also ensure you are conveying the right message to the audience. Keep in mind that using Google Translate may change the meaning or context of your content.
  • Your country’s trade relationship with targeted countries – Sadly, some countries are not on good terms with each other. The United States has banned all types of trade with countries such as North Korea, the Republic of Cuba, Syria, and Venezuela. Therefore, e-commerce businesses are prohibited from selling their products in these countries.

Pay Attention to Marketing

After choosing the countries you will sell your product in, it’s time to select the channels you will market and sell your goods through. These marketing channels include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email newsletters, social media platforms, etc. Other sales channels also include 3PL e-commerce sites such as Shopify, eBay, and your official website. Select the best channel for your e-commerce international expansion depending on the country of sale.

Overall, marketing and branding are critical to your business growth. So, create a solid digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and customer interaction.

Select the Right Payment Option

E-commerce companies must also consider providing sufficient payment options to avoid losing potential customers. Also, consumers’ payment choices differ per country. For instance, European people prefer paying through credit or debit cards, where Asian countries strongly prefer cash. Don’t forget also to consider the local currencies for your e-commerce international expansion.

Understanding International Tax Policy and Regulations

Selling internationally is more than determining which country to sell in; each country also varies in tax policy and regulations regarding international imports. You must also deal with customs. It is mandatory for shipments arriving from abroad to have a customs form attached outside of the package. This attachment will display information on the value, contents, and purpose to the customs officer. Additionally, the sale of specific products in some countries is prohibited.

Take Your Customers’ Feedback Seriously

Your customers’ feedback will help enhance your business brand, so you must take it seriously. And you can even use positive feedback as a marketing tool. New consumers don’t make purchases immediately without first reading your product’s reviews. So, feedback and reviews have become virtual word-of-mouth.

Set Your International Return Policy

You cannot avoid a return policy when you own an e-commerce business. Therefore, it is advisable to outsource your fulfillment e-commerce operations to a 3PL fulfillment provider. Global Docks, based in South Florida, has the infrastructure to ensure your imports are well taken care of regardless of your entry mode. Get your quote today!

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